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Welcome to Mara Siana Conservancy

Explore the essence of Mara Siana Conservancy, a thriving community-led endeavor nestled in the iconic Maasai Mara landscape in southwestern Kenya. Our mission is to foster a balanced coexistence between the environment and the vibrant local community, establishing a habitat for wildlife and empowering those who call this region home.

What We Do

Wildlife Preservation​

Our conservation efforts are centered on protecting the rich biodiversity of the Maasai Mara Landscape. The considerably rugged topography of MSC provides variety of botanical resources triggering diverse distribution of wildlife species. MSC is a home to large herbivores including African elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, elands and zebras while providing safe passage for the world iconic wildebeest as the gigantic migration transit across the Mara landscape. A wide range of carnivores also varying from the big cats such as lions, cheetahs and leopards to scavenging members of the dog family like the jackals and hyenas occupy our conservancy. Huge numbers of impalas and gazelles ensure sufficient prey availability for the carnivores. These combination yields a very vibrant and healthy ecosystem compelling huge biodiversity of wildlife species.

Hosting this high range biodiversity would not have been possible without the efforts of our rangers who routinely traverse the rugged terrain to monitor wildlife and its habitat, control threats such as illegal grazing and logging and mitigating avenues of human wildlife conflicts by all means particularly along elephant corridors.

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learning at mara siana primary school

Education for Sustainable Living

Education is the cornerstone of our community-focused initiatives forming core of our conservation ethos. Mara Siana is committed to fostering a balanced rapport between the environment and the community through consciousness-raising activities, educational interactions, family planning endeavors, responsible waste management, reforestation efforts, sustainable cattle herding practices including proper breeding, and the promotion of sustainable development pedagogies. Through the dissemination of knowledge and the imparting of skills to our community, our aim is to pave the way for a more knowledge on sustainable development for the Siana community and the Mara at large. We engage in environmental education programs, family planning initiatives, consoling human wildlife conflict victims whiling aiding mitigating measures, proper waste management, holistic management and sustainable cattle herding practices. Through these endeavors, we aim to foster a deep understanding of the delicate balance between nature conservation and human activities. We appreciate the collaboration of the 8 primary schools, 2 high schools and over 14 villages surrounding MSC. Through their unwavering support, we have been able to reach out to this energetic generation of diverse ages to instill environmental conscious hands on skills culture.

Community Engagement

At Mara Siana Conservancy, our commitment goes beyond preserving wildlife and its habitat, it extends to empowering the communities that share this precious land. Through strategic partnerships and dedicated initiatives, we invest in environmental education and conservation awareness, healthcare, community empowerment through Nature Based Solutions enterprises, measures to aid our locals combat climate change and its effects as well as equipping the community against Human Wildlife Conflicts that are integral to our conservation efforts. Each year, more than 200 student receive school fee bursaries as an effort to promote community education. By implementing holistic management practices on the wildlife corridors, we ensure harmony between landowners who primarily utilize the land for pasture and wildlife roaming freely across the settlements to connect to their vital habitats like breeding sites, salt licks and water points.

Community empowerment
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